World Class Fishing:

Lake Trout in Quebec fishing adventureThe fishing can also be enjoyed during the entire hunting season with the purchase of a fishing license. Fishing only packages are available for the first two weeks of August during which time the Brook Trout are abundant in the river, Lake Trout are at prime and the Arctic Char are there as well.

Primarily you will fish for Lake Trout on the surface throughout the entire season and we have caught many well into the 40 pound range. On the average they will range 8-10 pounds while the Brook Trout will be 2-3 pounds. Fly fishing for the brookies is fantastic.

Fishing Equipment:Quebec Lake Trout Fishing Guided Tours

  • 6 - 7' medium action rod / spincast reel
  • 10 - 14 pound line
  • 12 - 18" steel leaders
  • Larger spoons and lures such as the Blue Fox Pixie for Lake Trout
  • Smaller spinners such as the Mepps Black Furry for Brook Trout
  • 9 - 9.5' #5-6-7 weight flyrod with reel
  • 12 - 18' floating leader
  • Dry flies & Streamers

All lures and spinners should be single hook and/or barbless. Upon booking you will receive access to our Client Hunter Login section and from there you will have access to our complete equipment list for both Spin Cast and Fly fishing.

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It was definitely a hunt of a lifetime.

I went with my dad and he and I knew that the challenge was going to be difficult with the longbow, but he supported me all the time. It was a ch Read more...